MOBFOOD, the project that brings together entities in favor of investing in innovation and technological development!

MobFood, a research and technological development project, is the result of a joint reflection by several agents in the agri-food sector that seek to respond in an integrated and structured way to the challenges related to the promotion of a more competitive national food industry.

It will involve promoting new growth strategies based on strengthening technological, innovation and R&D capacity aimed at obtaining new products, services, processes or technologies, acting throughout the entire value chain and reinforcing collaboration between the business sector. and the ENESIIs (Non-Business Entities of the Research and Innovation System).

The food sector is intended to be sustainable, fully integrated, interconnected, transparent, resilient, safe, resource efficient and consumer-centric. These objectives will be achieved through the implementation of solutions in three main pillars: “Food Safety and Sustainability”, “Food for Health and Well-being” and “Safe Food and Quality”, materializing in the research and development of new processes, products or services.

Promoted and built by the Portuguese Agrofood Cluster, which is chaired by PortugalFoods, the MobFood consortium is made up of 43 entities that effectively represent the entire agri-food sector in Portugal. This work team includes companies from different agri-food subsectors and ENESIIs with complementary scientific skills that allow a complete approach to the different areas of knowledge essential for the integral development of the agri-food industry.


Nutrition, Health and Wellbeing

To investigate and develop new nutritionally balanced food products with nutritional claims.


Authenticity and traceability of PDO and PGI fruit products and PDO cheese

Investigate and develop methodologies that make it possible to explain the origin and quality of food products and provide information on authenticity and traceability.