Characterization of neutral bases

With the knowledge acquired and solidified with PPS4, Decorgel presents a
set of preparations for characterization in color and flavor of different bases.

The best for baking!

Bread&More is Decorgel’s line of natural preparations to enrich your bakery products.
Made from real fruits and vegetables, B&M allows you to enrich the color, flavor and
texture of your bread, by adding this preparation to your dough, responding to the growing demand for healthy but indulgent products!
Ready to reinvent the consumption moment of bread? Discover our range!

The real taste of chocolate!

Similar to the rest of our characterization preparations, chocosoft caracterizes in color and flavor many neutral doughs. It brings to your creation a characteristic color and unique and irresistible taste, together with a flavor which will not leave anyone indifferent!

This solution has not any artificial colorants nor flavorings, being very versatile and so natural.

Give it a try!

Delicious mousses for your creations!

Our wide range of Supermousses will allow you to characterize diverse neutral bases in colour and taste, guarantees stability, consistency and security, and supports freezing.

It will help you to create more natural semifreddoes and bavaroises, with fruit pieces and unique colour and taste.

Usage: Add Supermousse to refrigerated vegetable cream and whip during 30 seconds to 1 minute, to obtain a Supermousse with a strong texture and intense taste.

To let your imagination run wild !

Preparations for the characterization of neutral bases in terms of color, flavor and the possibility of perceiving inclusions. Versatile and with a variety of applications.

Discover our product ranges for caracterization of neutral doughs !
Add nutrition, health and wellbeing to your products!
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